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Tue Aug 7 23:12:28 EDT 2007

Hi all,
First off, sorry if this email doesn't get grouped with the thread by the
same name - I read it through the website, but didn't have an actual email I
could reply to because I don't subscribe to the list. I did read that thread
though, and wanted to pitch in my two cents.
As for the status icons not showing the protocol I'm using, I'd like to say
that I greatly prefer it that way. I don't care what protocol I'm talking
on, I just want to talk to them. I don't even care if they switch protocols
on me. I know a lot of people have complained about this, and it came up
during this discussion, so I just wanted to show some support for it.
As for the buddy info status bar, it was very ugly and useless to me - the
redundancy really bothered me, and since most people on my list don't have
buddy icons or other such details to show, it was just empty and wasted
space - but since it was easy enough to turn off, I don't really care.
I think the font buttons are fine in the new condensed form, but I do agree
with the proposal earlier that the "insert" buttons stay separate... I use
them far more than any other buttons and I don't really want to open a
drop-down menu each time just to use them. But instead of arguing over which
buttons should be shown and how, why not let the user decide? Many programs
(including Firefox, FoxIt PDF Reader, and MS Office, just to name a few I
happen to have open) allow a user to right click a toolbar and choose which
toolbars/buttons should be shown. MS Office is actually the most flexible of
all, allowing the user to both turn on/off toolbars and customize which
buttons are shown in each. Then the people who want small, simplistic
windows can turn off all the buttons they don't want, and the people who
want huge long strings of buttons can have them. And without complex or
confusing preference menus. A keyboard shortcut for inserting links would be
nice too (a shortcut for inserting the other things would be somewhat less
useful since they require using the mouse anyway).
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