- 2.1.0 GUI

Sean Egan seanegan at
Wed Aug 8 01:02:13 EDT 2007

On 8/7/07, Matt Geske <mgeske2 at> wrote:
> allow a user to right click a toolbar and choose which
> toolbars/buttons should be shown. MS Office is actually the most flexible of
> all, allowing the user to both turn on/off toolbars and customize which
> buttons are shown in each.

Over the weekend, I read a bunch of really interesting articles from
which explain the evolutions of the MS Office UI.

With the new version of Office, they've removed the notion of
customized toolbars full of ambiguous toolbar buttons in favor of
constant consistent, reliable "ribbons" with text labels, where
everything is always in the same place, from instance to instance and
machine to machine.

Those articles make very good points for doing this and did a good job
reassuring me that the new toolbar is for the better.

With 2.1.1 not requiring any additional clicks from pre-2.1.0
versions, I'm more and more confident that this was a very good
decision. At best, it's the less controversial of the conversation UI


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