Oscar file transfers declared "failed" in AIM Express

Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya mirya at zoc.com.ua
Thu Aug 9 07:58:32 EDT 2007

> I think AIM uses the standard oscar-filetransfer, doesn't it?
Looks like that. Seems like they've added a "feature" in recent clients (e.g. 
silently extended the protocol), as an old 5.x AIM doesn't complain 
about "failed" filetransfers.
> In this case, perhaps you should see my patch in #365 - besides my
> poorly written code for receiving multiple files (it works so far on my
> machine) I somewhere found a "done" flag which is not set when libpurple
> sends the "done" packet: See the changes in
> libpurple/protocols/oscar/oft.c starting in line 347.
> BTW, If you're looking at it anyway, perhaps you want so look at the
> libpurple/protocols/oscar/peer.c changes around line  413, too. I
> suspect there is some sort of bug.

I'll try that, thanks
Regards, Mirya
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