Additional emoticons for MySpaceIM

shellreef at shellreef at
Thu Aug 9 23:35:31 EDT 2007

On 8/9/07, Hylke Bons <h.bons at> wrote:
> What "tag" do i have to place in the theme file to indicate the MySpace
> prpl? (like [msn] and [icq])
This is what I added to
pidgin/pixmaps/emotes/default/22/ on my branch:

# Following MySpaceIM Beta 1.0.697.0
smile-big.png       :D  :-D     <i n='bigsmile' />
devil.png           }:)
frazzled.png        :Z
glasses-nerdy.png   B)
#googles.png        %)
freaked-out.png     :E
smile.png           :)  :-)
in-love.png         :X
laugh.png           :))
#mohawk.png         -:
mad-tongue.png      X(
#intoxicated.png    X)
glasses-nerdy.png   Q)
doh.png             :G
#pirate.png         P)
shock.png           :O
#sidefrown.png      :{
mean.png            :B
smirk.png           :,
neutral.png         :|
tongue.png          :P  :p
upset.png           B|
wink.png            ;-) ;)
worried.png         :[
kiss.png            :x

However, it doesn't seem to work - the default smileys are shown when
I click Insert -> Smiley instead of the ones listed above. The "tag"
is supposed to be, right?

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