UI changes

Mattias Eriksson snaggen at acc.umu.se
Mon Aug 13 06:51:18 EDT 2007


I must say I'm very happy to see that the pidgin developers tries to
create a userfriendly product. I'm a big fan of the new look for pidgin
with the protocol icons dropped... I have always wondered why the
underlying protocol should matter to me. Great job!

However the chat window change for 2.1 doesn't feel optimal, there are a
lot of redundant information in the window with the nick in the tab,
just below the tab. 
I saw on planet pidgin that someone tried to get rid of the status icon
in the tabs by replacing them with some text formating instead. I think
this is a step back since it would break the consistency with the buddy
list. The user would then have to learn another concept for status and I
think that would only add confusion. 
But I must say that I'm not against the UI rework, and I hope you will
continue to improve the UI.


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