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Stephen Eilert spedrosa at
Fri Aug 17 12:33:12 EDT 2007

On 8/17/07, highvalue < at> wrote:
> This is one part of the feature. Indeed my contact list is really big due to
> professional use of sametime plugin. Additionally it would be fantastic if
> collapsed groups are searched through. This is not the case for my current
> pidgin installation.

Indeed, it appears to only search through expanded groups. In other
words, only the visible items are displayed. The beauty of this
incremental search is that it lets you see imediatelly if you need to
narrow your search, instead of skipping to the next match repeatedly.

However, I've just noticed that I do a similar thing with a feature
that's included in Pidgin already.  Select "New instant message..."
(bound to control + M by default) and start typing away. You'll notice
that it only displays matching buddies.

The only improvement I can see is binding it to a "global" hotkey, so
you wouldn't have to focus Pidgin first (I do think there's a plugin
that does exactly this) and have the results be rendered in a way
similar to the buddy list (not sure if it is possible, my GTK
knowledge only goes so far).


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