Diff Fetcher

Shkutkov Michael mish at rsu.ru
Tue Aug 21 05:19:07 EDT 2007

Eric Polino wrote:
> Fellow GSoCers,
> I've written a script that I'm going to use to pull out all non-merge
> revisions committed by myself.  I'm attaching it, let me know what you
> think and if it works for you.
> awk
> sqlite3
> bash
> mtn ;)
Cool! It works :)
But on Windows box under Cygwin. I've used sqlite3 precompiled binaries 
from the official SQLite site.
And the problem was that

$COUNT contains '\r' character (e.g. "1\r")

I've added


so now it works fine for me. Thanks.

With best regards,
Shkutkov Michael

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