Pidgin Birthday reminder

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Tue Aug 21 14:09:46 EDT 2007

Samuel Kage wrote:
> Can you tell me were i can get some help and if there are some other
> intentions or even some work in progress?

Best place to start is looking at some of the existing plugin source.
You can always ask here when you have specific questions. As far as
accessing the birthday for your buddies, I don't see any API to get
individual fields from the user info of your buddies. This would
probably be necessary to implement this.

> And if it should be realized as a plugin or should be integrated into
> pidgin resp. libpurple?

As I mention above, you'll probably need to come up with some API for
libpurple to access specific fields of the user info (and hope that it
gets accepted). That will be the most difficult part of this.

After that, the actual birthday reminder portion should be relatively
easy and should be implemented as a plugin.

> Maybe you can tell me why this function isnt already implemented,too.

Apparently no developer's wanted or even thought of it. A quick grep 
through the pidgin protocols suggests that only oscar (ICQ/AIM), xmpp 
(jabber/gtalk/etc) and msn have birthday info for users.


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