Pidgin Birthday reminder

Shkutkov Michael mish at
Tue Aug 21 14:13:42 EDT 2007

Samuel Kage wrote:
> Hi together
> Im missing a Icq like Birthday reminder function in Pidgin, and many of
> myfriends are missing it ,too.
> It seems that i will have some time next month and so i intended to try
> to write a birthday reminder plugin.
> Can you tell me were i can get some help and if there are some other
> intentions or even some work in progress?
> And if it should be realized as a plugin or should be integrated into
> pidgin resp. libpurple?
> Maybe you can tell me why this function isnt already implemented,too.
Actually I am going to write this plugin, because birthday reminding is 
really what I need. (I guess it's really
simple in implementation)
What about help. You should visit, an also ask 
questions in #pidgin on

P.S. As I mentioned it should be definitly plugin, GTK+ plugin more 

With best regards,
Shkutkov Michael

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