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On 8/3/07, Sean Egan <seanegan at> wrote:

> > 4) The formatting toolbar has been fixed to contain a couple of dropdown
> > menus, following a bugreport concerned about window width issues.
> > However, the suggested solution in that bugreport was for the toolbar to
> > the buttons that would not be visible due to small width into a dropdown
> > that becomes the rightmost item on the toolbar. See OpenOffice for
> > Such a solution would indeed give the conversation window great
> > to both kinds of users : wide and narrow conversation window.
> I think our solution is much better than the suggested one. I don't
> understand what's wrong with an attractive, well-organized toolbar.

I know that Sean is opposed to giving people an option to use old UIs, but
having to make two clicks to increase or decrease the font size is very
annoying, especially when I want to increase or decrease the font size by
more than one step. With the Larger and Smaller buttons, to make the text 2
steps smaller involved clicking in the Smaller icon twice. Now, I have to
click Font, move the mouse, click Smaller, move the mouse, click Font again,
move the mouse, and click Smaller again. It's the extra three movings of the
mouse (and the associated searching for the place to click) that really
makes it annoying.

If Sean really wants everything in non-customizable submenus, at
least showing the keyboard shortcuts in the menu would be nice (the same way
that the options menu shows that "Show Timestamps" is F2). It took me trial
and error to figure out that shortcut to change font size is CTRL+ -/= , and
it took me a while, since the shortcut doesn't work on the numpad using
CTRL+ -/+ like in most other programs.

 - Zan
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