Persistent chat rooms

Michael cwal at
Sun Aug 26 22:29:25 EDT 2007

I've tried turning it on before, and every time I do just to give it
another shot I end up getting fed up with it.
The main thing that actually *pisses be off* about it is that it doesn't
preserve the formatting.
Additionally, going from one conversation to the next, I'm usually not
talking about the same thing.  With some of my buddies, I will leave
windows open for days, which then equates to the history plugin opening
a ridiculously huge log next time I have a new conversation with them.
Conversly, some of my buddies I have one line conversations with
(generally buddy pounces).  It doesn't help me to see that my buddy
pounce did in fact work the last time they signed on.

But mainly it's that the formatting isn't preserved, fix that and I
might *sorta* like it.. :)

Kevin M Stange wrote:
> Michael wrote:
>> I can't stand the history plugin personally.  Of course any time you
>> make a generalization about "everyone will love" or "everyone hates,"
>> you will get the people who believe the opposite to chime in. :P
> I don't understand how you could not stand having the last conversation
> available in scrollback if you need it.  I use this feature constantly.
>  I could imagine not /needing/ it, but actively disliking it makes no
> sense to me... :)
> Kevin

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