Persistent chat rooms

Sean Egan seanegan at
Sun Aug 26 22:37:29 EDT 2007

On 8/26/07, Michael <cwal at> wrote:
> I've tried turning it on before, and every time I do just to give it
> another shot I end up getting fed up with it.
> The main thing that actually *pisses be off* about it is that it doesn't
> preserve the formatting.
> Additionally, going from one conversation to the next, I'm usually not
> talking about the same thing.  With some of my buddies, I will leave
> windows open for days, which then equates to the history plugin opening
> a ridiculously huge log next time I have a new conversation with them.
> Conversly, some of my buddies I have one line conversations with
> (generally buddy pounces).  It doesn't help me to see that my buddy
> pounce did in fact work the last time they signed on.

This idea would preserve the formatting and do so only so long as
Pidgin is running... perhaps triggered on a timeout to avoid eating up
crazy memory.

You're much more likely to be talking about the same thing within an
instance of Pidgin.

Also, I think the not-preserving-formatting is intentional, to
distinguish it from older conversations. Of course, if you log in
plain text, there's no format to show anyway.

Everyone should read iChat and Gabber: Interfaces Investigated by
Julian Missig

In it, he lists that "lack of context" is one of the fundamental
usability problems of IM.



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