Persistent chat rooms

Michael cwal at
Mon Aug 27 08:37:26 EDT 2007

Well, as I leave pidgin running constantly, usually for times greater
than a week, I think your second point has little bearing on me,
however, with a timeout, say perhaps and hour, which seams reasonable, I
can imagine it would be useful.
I don't like the changed formatting because it makes it harder to tell
my messages from theirs.

Sean Egan wrote:
> This idea would preserve the formatting and do so only so long as
> Pidgin is running... perhaps triggered on a timeout to avoid eating up
> crazy memory.
> You're much more likely to be talking about the same thing within an
> instance of Pidgin.
> Also, I think the not-preserving-formatting is intentional, to
> distinguish it from older conversations. Of course, if you log in
> plain text, there's no format to show anyway.

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