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Tue Aug 28 10:06:01 EDT 2007

Andreas Monitzer spake unto us the following wisdom:
> On Aug 28, 2007, at 14:03, Nathan Walp wrote:
> > This is *exactly* why I don't like implementing them.  They do  
> > change out from under you.
> Note that XEP-0115 is draft, not experimental.

Was it experimental when you implemented it, and changed going to


> > Unfortunately, people get really cranky when their buddy icons  
> > don't animate.
> That's news to me. Adium specifically checks for animated avatars and  
> disallows them, and I haven't heard a single person complaining about  
> that.

That's interesting -- because we hear about it pretty regularly,
either when there's a problem with animated buddy icons (which has
happened a few times), or when people turn it off and forget they
changed the preference.

> > If we have the proper abilities in the core, then we should be able  
> > to take whatever we get as a buddy icon, get both its mime type and  
> > size, and if the mime type isn't image/png, convert it to one so we  
> > have both, and post both in the PEP portion, and the original (with  
> > correct mime type) in the vCard (for the next 6 months to a year,  
> > then I'd like to see that code go the way of the do do, if the PEP  
> > implementations have "caught on" in the rest of the jabber world).
> Yes agreed, that would be the clean solution. However, if you don't  
> want to write the image conversion code yourself, you'd have to add  
> another dependency like DevIL. This is something I tried to avoid.

I don't understand this -- we already do some image conversions, and
we don't require any additional libraries to do so.  GdkPixbuf is
perfectly capable of converting among the formats it understands

<snip gateway stuff which I neither know nor care about>

> >>> - inconsistent indenting throughout
> >> Could you give an example?
> >
> > Use an editor that shows you the difference between tabs and  
> > spaces, or set your tab spacing to something other than 8, and it  
> > should become readily apparent.
> Visible whitespace adds considerable noise to the code (up to the  
> point where I can't see anything), and my text editor is set to tab  
> width 4. I looked through all files I touched when I switched to tabs  
> (you might remember that huge commit back then), and I explicitly  
> checked for tabs on all new code I wrote after that.

... so use grep.  A trivial use of "grep '^    ' *.[ch]" found 112
possibly offending lines, most of which *are* offending lines.  Start
with buddy.c:132 and work your way down.

For the record, _tabs are 8 spaces_.  (You're not alone in not
understanding that, several of the other Pidgin developers use 4-space
tabs, as well.)  Changing this value without making other corrections
to your code formatting will lead to improperly formatted code in any
number of situations (including people who use proper, 8-space tabs).
For some reason it has come in vogue lately to treat ASCII TAB as a
variable tab stop, but because ASCII provides no way to *set* the tab
stop, that really isn't a reasonable thing to do.

(Note that I myself also prefer 4-space indentation -- but that is a
completely separate issue.)


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