AIM file transfer: Trillian client fails to send files to Pidgin

Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya mirya at
Wed Aug 29 12:01:16 EDT 2007

I've just discovered Trillian ( client is 
unable to send file to Pidgin via AIM. Here's in details:

1) the Trillian client is sending a file to Pidgin
2) The Trillian client is behind NAT, so Pidgin starts listening to 5190
3) Trillian reports about starting faile transfer, but ends with it (nothing 

I've analyzed the traffic and discovered Pidgin sends a message to notify 
Trillian about it's listening on 5190 
(aim_im_sendch2_sendfile_requestdirect()), then waits for a positive answer 
from the Trillian side (peer_oft_sendcb_ack()) and only then adds a watcher 
to accept a connection from Trillian. On other hand, Trillian doesn't send 
that "positive answer" and simply connects to Pidgin at 5190 and sends an 
initial OFT frame there.

If we replace Pidgin with AIM6 AOL client in this sequence everything will 
work ok, so I suggest something needs to be changed in Pidgin to accept such 
behavour is some way.
Regards, Mirya
ICQ #313898202

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