AIM file transfer: Trillian client fails to send files to Pidgin

Evan Schoenberg evands at
Thu Aug 30 23:45:44 EDT 2007

On Aug 29, 2007, at 12:01 PM, Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya wrote:

> I've just discovered Trillian (  
> client is
> unable to send file to Pidgin via AIM. Here's in details:
> 1) the Trillian client is sending a file to Pidgin
> 2) The Trillian client is behind NAT, so Pidgin starts listening to  
> 5190
> 3) Trillian reports about starting faile transfer, but ends with it  
> (nothing
> happens)
> I've analyzed the traffic and discovered Pidgin sends a message to  
> notify
> Trillian about it's listening on 5190
> (aim_im_sendch2_sendfile_requestdirect()), then waits for a positive  
> answer
> from the Trillian side (peer_oft_sendcb_ack()) and only then adds a  
> watcher
> to accept a connection from Trillian. On other hand, Trillian  
> doesn't send
> that "positive answer" and simply connects to Pidgin at 5190 and  
> sends an
> initial OFT frame there.
> If we replace Pidgin with AIM6 AOL client in this sequence  
> everything will
> work ok, so I suggest something needs to be changed in Pidgin to  
> accept such
> behavour is some way.
Great detective work :)

For starters, could you please make a ticket on Trac  
( with the problem and with your observations so  
they won't get lost? That'll also provide a central place for others  
to help figure out what fix is needed -- and for you to update in a  
permanent fashion if you find more out or develop a patch to fix the  


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