porting finch to uClinux on blackfin

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 13:20:34 EDT 2007

OK so I will start pouring over the log and see if I can tell what is missing.

So I also need to port/cross-compile XML2??  I don't understand why Finch (a text-based IM) would need this!  I do understand that it is libpurple requiring it, but couldn't there be preprocessor directives to bypass compiling and linking stuff in libpurple that Finch doesn't really need?


Joshua Blanton <jblanton at masaka.cs.ohiou.edu> wrote: Bill Fassler wrote:
> Ok, I understand the APPLE_CC problem and fixed it. Here is a
> listing of my includes and libraries in my staging area.  Does
> finch use the *.la files?  I found a problem in them and cleaned
> them up, but still get the same problems.
> Do you see dependencies I am missing to build finch?

The best way to figure out why things aren't being detected
correctly would be to look at the output of config.log - see where
it's failing when trying to detect finch dependencies, and go from
there.  I *believe* that the only requirement beyond what libpurple
itself requires is ncurses, although I don't know offhand.  You
might check to make sure that the ncurses detection isn't failing.


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