Pidgin Root Certificates

William Ehlhardt williamehlhardt at
Wed Aug 29 16:14:18 EDT 2007

Recently my "Certificate Manager" summer of code project was merged to
trunk. Since it adds a Mozilla-like "please confirm this server's
certificate" request dialog, some of you may be experiencing annoying
popups. If you do, I would like you to do the following:

1. Accept the Certificate
2. Go to Tools->Certificates
3. Select the relevant server and export the certificate to a file.
4. File a ticket [1]. Attach the exported certificate, and specify
which protocol you are connecting to, as well as the server the
certificate is for. Assign it to wehlhard

I am especially interested in servers that cause "root certificate
unknown" requests, as the root certificates used to sign these are
good candidates for inclusion in Pidgin.



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