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Sat Dec 1 17:42:31 EST 2007

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Richard Laager wrote:


> You can currently do this by overriding the relevant UI op. Really,
> though, you should write a patch to libpurple that adds the ability for
> plugins to register URI schemes. Then, libpurple would check those
> before passing the URL to the UI. If it matched, the plugin would get
> the first crack at handling the URI. It could return a boolean to tell
> libpurple whether or not to continue passing it to the UI.
> If you need any help with the concepts, feel free to ask.
> Richard

Stacking may be desired as well.  ie: someone sends http://pidgin-bug/2,
 then the handler that was registered on top can expand pidgin-bug to and get the correct url.  This could also be
done via a handler, and that would probably be a lot easier to
implement.  So whatever, just food for thought.

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