adding new libpurple ciphers - HMAC and TripleDES/CBC

Elliott Sales de Andrade quantum.analyst at
Mon Dec 3 00:49:30 EST 2007

On Dec 2, 2007 5:23 PM, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:
> I can't speak particularly to MSNP15, although I'm glad you're looking
> at it, but I do have some comments on the crypto side of things.  Gary
> wrote our crypto API, so I'll also leave the details of that to him.

I will wait for some info from Gary, then. I might try some of the
easy things though.

> The block encryption modes can be implemented entirely on top of the
> API we have now.  Most encryption libraries likely have more optimal
> implementations than would be created by such a layering, but as far
> as *functionality*, we have all that you would need, as is.  If you
> want to create a layer for this, we would be glad to apply it; you
> probably want to talk to Gary about how to proceed with it.  If you
> want to get clever, you could probably create a mechanism which used a
> generic implementation for ciphers which didn't have an optimized
> implementation, and the latter for those which did.

Yep, all the functionality is there. I just want to write this patch
the "right" way. What I'm assuming is that having an option would be
the "better" way than having several PurpleCipher's, Of course, that's
the assumption that need to be verified or not.

> I have not read the wikipedia entries on these encryption algorithms,
> but I generally find wikipedia to be less than a) correct, and b)
> complete.  I recommend the Handbook of Applied Cryptography [1] as an
> accurate free resource.  It is also available in print form.

Heh, I knew you'd say that when I mentioned Wikipedia. But I managed
to get it to log in correctly, so it couldn't have been that wrong.
Thanks for the link.

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