[proposal] integrating telnet-chats (+ connect to them via ssh)

Stefano stefano.palazzo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 14:20:57 EST 2007

Developers Developers Developers  :)

I have hacked a small telnet chat and tunneled it through ssh, for a
we use it to talk when we dont want somebody evesdropping and, well because
we want to be elite :>

and i thought, integration into pidgin would be really nice.

now, i don't know a lot about how pidgin is built and i'm not into c at all,
but i can imagen it wouldnt be that hard.

i'm just proposing, maybe somebody is interested.


PS: connecting to the server works like this:
you open up an ssh connection to the host with username + password, then the
chat prompts for a name (this would have to be solved by a sort of macro
that waits for the text "your name:" to be displayed, then you can chat in
the terminal window.
i imagine gnome-terminal could be integrated and linked to  an entry in the
contact list, that would be the easiest way i guess.
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