[proposal] integrating telnet-chats (+ connect to them via ssh)

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Wed Dec 5 15:22:45 EST 2007

Stefano spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Developers Developers Developers  :)
> I have hacked a small telnet chat and tunneled it through ssh, for a
> community. we use it to talk when we dont want somebody evesdropping
> and, well because we want to be elite :>
> and i thought, integration into pidgin would be really nice.
> now, i don't know a lot about how pidgin is built and i'm not into c
> at all, but i can imagen it wouldnt be that hard.

Assuming that your "protocol" is as primitive as "telnet chat" makes
it sound, Pidgin is almost certainly not where you want to implement
it.  You'll spend more time emulating higher-level IM features than
you will implementing the actual service.  Even IRC has a bit of this
problem.  Adding ssh tunneling to the mix is yet another painful
interface problem.

You and your friends might want to look into SILC[1] for this, it
sounds appropriate.


[1] http://silcnet.org/

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