im.pidgin.pidgin.sadrul.tooltips: 3a80592a4aafc37dd3c7c423fe26ab92a3486504

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Thu Dec 6 02:56:54 EST 2007

For folks not following the commit list:

* sadrul at had this to say on [06 Dec 2007, 02:46:02 -0500]:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Revision: 3a80592a4aafc37dd3c7c423fe26ab92a3486504
> Ancestor: a9bb156e458b3ce77f9a7d20ff81ece2513296dc
> Author: sadrul at
> Date: 2007-12-06T07:33:53
> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin.sadrul.tooltips
> Added files:
>         pidgin/pidgintooltip.c pidgin/pidgintooltip.h
> Modified files:
>         pidgin/ pidgin/gtkblist.c pidgin/gtkroomlist.c
> ChangeLog: 
> Some utility functions for showing tooltips. This is used by the buddylist,
> the roomlist and the infopane in the conversation window. The userlist in
> chats can also use this, I think.
> It works OK, but it may be possible to make the code a bit nicer. Any
> suggestions?

This is mostly in response to 9c70f5c3c963c8fa9a5e760b9df81a19c485ccae.
The changes seem to be working OK here. But more testing, and possible
modifications/improvements before I merge it into i.p.p would be nice!


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