GHFunc for Hash Tables

Mike Ellerhorst mike.ellerhorst at
Wed Dec 5 22:58:42 EST 2007

Hello all,

In a follow up to my last email, I am trying to implement different  
GHFunc(tions) and use g_hash_table_foreach() to "iterate" over the  
Hash Table of conversations that I've created.  I've been having some  
difficulty because several of the functions that iterate over the  
conversations list use functions that I'm not familiar with or are  
implemented somewhere in the included libraries.  If any of you have  
experience with writing these GHFunc or know of somewhere I can see  
examples, I would appreciate any feedback.

For now, I have written a simple function that converts the values in  
a hash table to a list and use that in the instances where the  
original conversations list is traversed.  This seems to be working,  
but is not really in the spirit of the assignment.

Thanks for the help.


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