jabber MUC feature request

Shreevatsa R shreevatsa at cmi.ac.in
Fri Dec 7 11:36:40 EST 2007

* Quoting Mario Wehbrink who at 2007-12-07 13:32:07+0100 (Fri) wrote
> Hi,
> i can only invite buddys to a jabber MUC, that i have added to my
> buddylist with the same account i joined the chat. It is not possible to
> invite buddys from another account.
> example:
> i have 2 jabber accounts:
>    a) me at jabber1.org
>    b) alsome at anotherjabber.net
> if i join or create a muc with account a) i can only invite buddys that
> contact me via a and not buddys from b. Would be nice to have all
> jabbercontacts in the 'invitelist'.
If you are allowed to invite people who are not necessarily your
contacts in that account, then wouldn't the right thing to do be to
have a text input form? 

Shreevatsa R

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