pidgin 'make' fails on target parser.lo, all and all-recursive

Ethan Blanton elb at
Sat Dec 8 17:39:54 EST 2007

ionutz spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I have a problem compiling pidgin on a sparc Solaris 10 machine. 'configure'
> runs without problems but 'make' fails with the following errors:

This is not actually the relevant error, this is:

"parser.c", line 136: syntax error before or at: .
"parser.c", line 136: warning: old-style declaration or incorrect type
                      for: internalSubset
"parser.c", line 136: identifier redeclared: internalSubset
            current : int
            previous: function(pointer to void, pointer to const
                      unsigned char, pointer to const unsigned char,
                      pointer to const unsigned char) returning void :
                      "/usr/include/libxml2/libxml/SAX.h", line 45

This is because we use C99 structure initializers, and your compiler
apparently does not support them.  You can check your compiler
documentation to see if there is something you can add to CFLAGS to
change this, or you can build using gcc.

Named structure initializers are one of the (many) C99-isms we have
allowed to creep into the code, and, of all those C99-isms, I think
they are one that can be legitimately argued as good and beneficial.


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