Showing tab bar when there is only one

notaktak at notaktak at
Wed Dec 12 22:24:51 EST 2007

John Bailey wrote:
> Kevin Stange wrote:
>> I still don't think it makes any sense or follows any reasonable logic.
>>  It was only because of this feature that I now keep my tabs at the
>> bottom, when I'd rather have them at the top.  Oh well.
> I'm still no fan of the hidden tab idea, and I still think tabs anywhere but the
> top of a window are stupid.  I was willing to cave and agree to the current
> behavior because the vast majority of the time I have two to four open
> conversations, which hides this behavior from me quite nicely.
I'm astonished by the behaviour. Personally I don't use tabs at all so I
hadn't noticed. I have been missing the colouring of the buddy name when
they're typing however. Would it be possible for the infopane to do
this, or at least carry the information in something more prominent than
a tiny icon?

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