Showing tab bar when there is only one

Shreevatsa R shreevatsa at
Wed Dec 12 23:34:24 EST 2007

* Quoting Kevin Stange who at 2007-12-10 16:43:07-0600 (Mon) wrote
> Shreevatsa R wrote:
> > * Quoting Sean Egan who at 2007-12-10 11:18:58-0800 (Mon) wrote
> >> On Dec 10, 2007 1:00 AM, Shreevatsa R <shreevatsa at> wrote:
> >>> I'm sorry to dig up an old issue, but I hate Pidgin's behaviour of not
> >>> showing the tab bar when there is only one conversation.
> >> Tabs will always show when they're not set to be at the top of the window.
> >>
> > Wow. That is one of the most "magic" features I've seen, but... it makes
> > sense. Thanks!
> > 
> I still don't think it makes any sense or follows any reasonable logic.
>  It was only because of this feature that I now keep my tabs at the
> bottom, when I'd rather have them at the top.  Oh well.

By "makes sense" I meant I understood why it's there -- it's a
compromise between those who dislike the redundancy, and those who
actually find the tab bar useful.

Placing the tab bar at the bottom is actually not a bad idea -- I got
used to it quite quickly, and it's what Adium and finch do. With a web
browser or a text editor, one reads text from top to bottom, so it makes
sense to have the tab bar at the top, but in an IM client one's
attention is usually close to the text input area anyway. Maybe it
should be made the default ;)

Typing notifications like Google Talk or finch -- a line at the bottom
that says "<person> is typing" -- would still be nice, though. :)

Shreevatsa R

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