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Stephen Eilert spedrosa at
Tue Dec 18 17:26:08 EST 2007

On Dec 16, 2007 5:07 PM, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:
> Gary Kramlich wrote:
> > It's in no way intuitive, but using the mouse scroll wheel, you can
> > navigate to the next and previous match.  Although, it will match
> > everything.  So if you're using the big blist, you'll also match on
> > status messages and so on.
> >
> The root issue here is that the users replying to this thread want a *filtered*
> blist, instead of simply jumping to the next match.  I don't see the utility in
> a filtered list, myself.

I am not an UI designer, but I have a feeling that it is easier than
wondering if there are more matches, instead of seeing those instantly
as you type.

In any case, it is hardly the same feature. Unless GTK is horribly
broken under Win32, it does not match collapsed items. To work around
the lack of this feature, I use the "New instant message" keyboard
shortcut, which already filters the list as you type. Even though the
end result is not as pretty, it works.

In any case, I think this feature could be a plugin, as long as the
necessary plumbing is in place.


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