Unicode support for AIM profiles

Kevin Stange kstange at pidgin.im
Sat Dec 22 00:36:09 EST 2007

q10 wrote:
> Hello:
> So I was checking my contact's AIM profile on Pidgin, and I noticed that
> there is only partial Unicode support for reading the characters typed
> in the AIM profile.  While all the characters were Chinese, some of the
> characters appeared to look like a dice that rolled out a 4, and others
> (probably the ones typed into bigger font-sizes) looked like a mega dice
> rolled into a four with drawn instead of filled black dots.  Some of the
> Chinese characters looked perfectly normal and readable.

The boxes with four small hex characters in them are unicode replacement
characters.  This generally results when Pango cannot find a font that
contains the required characters.  You should make sure you have a font
with a complete Chinese character set on your computer.

> For a better picture of what I'm talking about, please check the buddy
> information (AIM profile) of the screen name "Madman886azn"

All the characters show up correctly for me, or at least I assume so, as
I don't know how to read Chinese.  However, there are no replacement

> Please have full Unicode support in not only IM messages and Away
> Messages, but also in AIM/MSN/other protocols' buddy profile messages.

Wherever possible, Pidgin already uses UTF-8 internally and/or converts
strings to UTF-8 before displaying them in the UI.


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