Unicode support for AIM profiles

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Sat Dec 22 00:24:07 EST 2007


So I was checking my contact's AIM profile on Pidgin, and I noticed that
there is only partial Unicode support for reading the characters typed in
the AIM profile.  While all the characters were Chinese, some of the
characters appeared to look like a dice that rolled out a 4, and others
(probably the ones typed into bigger font-sizes) looked like a mega dice
rolled into a four with drawn instead of filled black dots.  Some of the
Chinese characters looked perfectly normal and readable.

For a better picture of what I'm talking about, please check the buddy
information (AIM profile) of the screen name "Madman886azn"

Please have full Unicode support in not only IM messages and Away Messages,
but also in AIM/MSN/other protocols' buddy profile messages.

Please reply
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