offline users on buddy list

jonathan jonathan.schluessler at
Sun Dec 23 04:09:23 EST 2007

q10 wrote:
> Hello:
> Is there a way to show all the offline users/buddies of an account onto 
> Pidgin's Buddy List?
Buddies - Show - Offline Buddies

> Is there also a conpact way to display the buddies as just a list on the 
> Buddy List instead of including a display of their buddy icons, 
> away/profile messages, etc?
Buddies - Show - [Uncheck] Buddy Details

> So far, the Buddy List Window can be minimized into the system tray.  
> Can chat windows also be minimized into the system tray?  The windows 
> should have a fourth button like in Trillian, where that button can 
> minimize a window to system tray directly.
> Thanks
> Please reply,
> -q10

Isn't it quite easy to find those options?



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