QQ semi-problem and other questions

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Thank you Pidgin dev team for fixing some QQ connection problems; my account
can connect to QQ w/o message saying how I got a wrong password.  BUT this
only works for one of my QQ accounts, and I think it only worked when I set
Pidgin up as Pidgin-Portable.  When I tried with standard installation, it
didn't seem to work.  Also, I have a second QQ account that cannot log in,
even w/ Pidgin portable mode on.  Please fix this selective-log-in problem
in Pidgin

On the other hand, please add a buddy search+add capability for protocols
that have this feature.  Ex. you can search for a buddy IM based on their
email address (from AIM) or you can search from city/name/occupation (from

One more thing - when you add Yahoo buddies into your buddy list, do you put
down the username+"@yahoo.com" or just username?  What about accounts that
use yahoo.cn or some other internationalization of Yahoo?

Is there a way to minimize chat windows into the system tray in Windows also
(kinda like in Trillian)?

Will there be support for the Skype protocol?  I mean I know you guys don't
like to support proprietory networks, but open-source needs to connect with
proprietory to outcompete it.  Besides, even GTalk is announcing support for
Skype, and MyspaceIM already has support for it.  Maybe reverse-engineer
MyspaceIM? ;-) At the very least, please include a Skype .dll that utilizes
Skype (like Trillian SkyLlian and MirandaIM SkypeOut) with the full
installation of Pidgin.

please reply,
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