support for Tlen and XFire

Kevin Stange kevin at
Tue Dec 25 01:00:51 EST 2007

q10 wrote:
> Hello:
> Please have and Xfire Chat protocol capability in Pidgin and
> libpurple

There is already a third-party protocol plugin for Xfire called gfire.
You can find it at  As for, as we have seen that
it is possible to maintain out-of-tree protocol plugins, we are not
likely to add any protocol plugins a developer is not going to be
maintaining directly.  You are welcome to write this plugin, or
commission someone to do so, and use it with libpurple, of course.

You are asking a rather unusual lot of common questions on this mailing
list for a single person.  I would advise you to take some of that time
and put it into reading the FAQ and other documentation so you are more
well versed in the features and development process of program you are


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