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Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Mon Dec 31 02:30:44 EST 2007

John Bailey spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Gary Kramlich wrote:
> > John Bailey wrote:
> > > What if we, after 2.4.0 is released, put a firm freeze on libpurple
> > > and say no new API, features, etc. in the core until 3.0.0, and then
> > > get struct member hiding done for 3.0.0?  Would this aid in
> > > gobjectifying for 4.0.0 at all?  I realize this would delay the
> > > benefits of gobjects, but would it help the moving target stuff at
> > > all?
> > 
> > Yes, this we work very well.  And we could also follow my current plan,
> > of getting plugins moved to gobjects first for 3.0.0 in this case.
> Then I propose that this is exactly what we do.  Any objections?

I think this is a great idea; encapsulation and data hiding are
laudable goals with or without gobjectification, so this way we win
twice.  ;-)  This will also help us with our current "oh no that will
require a version bump" mentality, by removing a lot of the public



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