Frank Pauxberger frank at
Mon Jul 9 10:51:12 EDT 2007

Hi guys,

first of all, thanks alot for the great job you have done with gaim AND pidgin 
during the past years! And yes, I truly mean this!

I would like to come back to the above mentioned ticket, which, I have to 
admit, not read completey, but sapped through some of the comments ;)

I am one of the users, who was very fond of the discussed feature (to see by 
the first look on his buddy list) what user has signed in and what protocol 
he has signed in with. But as to many things, one gets used to it :D Which 
does not keep me from asking (I have checked for it, but not found any so 
far) if there is a plugin to "resolve" this "issue"?

Furthermore I am using three different protocols with pidgin (2.0.2) amongst 
them is GaduGadu (we have polish business partners). GG is the only protocol 
I receive SPAM every once in awhile and today I have received one and, 
surprise, it did show the GaduGadu icon instead of the green dot. What does 
that mean? Is there a feature I am missing?

A short note would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and all the best!

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