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Wed Jul 11 11:54:56 EDT 2007

On Jul 11, 2007, at 10:45 AM, Andreas Monitzer wrote:

> On Jul 10, 2007, at 16:19, Richard Laager wrote:
>> <snip mtn woes, feedback>
>> Then again, I was also under the impression that SoC projects  
>> couldn't
>> depend on each other to avoid situations like this.
> That's not true. They can depend on each other, but they can't have
> the same goal.

*nod* It's discouraged to have SoC projects that depend on each other  
but (IIRC) not specifically forbidden - strictly speaking, we don't  
have dependencies between two SoC projects to my knowledge - instead  
we've got one student that has to do work in both Adium and libpurple  
code to get the job done. (If I'm wrong here, someone please correct  

>> I don't see why we have to take any action on this anyway... have
>> Adium
>> track the branch until it's merge-ready. If it's merge ready now,  
>> then
>> why wasn't it merged rather than having a discussion about merging it
>> "early"?
> The plan was to merge them after SoC is done, which will happen in
> mid-August, no matter the state of the individual branches before  
> that.

If it's possible to merge the API now, and then add the parts that  
need strings in 2.1.1, I'd like to see that. From a getting-things- 
tested perspective, we need all the help we can get, as few of the  
Adium team and bleeding-edge testers do much with XMPP outside of  
GTalk. At this point, it probably won't make much of a difference one  
way or the other in terms of how many bugs we find at merge-time, but  
simply change when we find the bugs. That said, I'm an outsider here  
and what I think doesn't matter much, so if you all decide to wait  
until 2.2.0 I'm sure we'll do just fine by managing to do some kind  
of merging in from trunk to Andy's branch (although I think we're  
going to need some help w/ the mtn commands to do that, my DVCS  
experience is limited)

(Andy's mentor)

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