Testing tools and Pidgin account limits

Greg Chagnon gcgaim at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 14:27:10 EDT 2007

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone had any testing tools to simulate the endpoints of
the major (AIM, Yahoo, Google, MSN) IM networks?  I'm running some IM
traffic generation scripts through Pidgin, but don't want to push my luck
logging in dozens of clients to the actual AIM servers.  What do you guys
use to test Pidgin besides the actual cloud?

Also, along those lines, does anyone have a general idea on how many
accounts Pidgin can handle logged in at the same time?  It is on the order
of several, dozens, hundreds?  Obviously it depends on the hardware, but
let's say like a Xeon with 4gb memory?  Thanks!

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