Testing tools and Pidgin account limits

Ryan Barrett pidgin at ryanb.org
Fri Jul 13 12:46:24 EDT 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Greg Chagnon wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone had any testing tools to simulate the endpoints of
> the major (AIM, Yahoo, Google, MSN) IM networks?  I'm running some IM
> traffic generation scripts through Pidgin, but don't want to push my luck
> logging in dozens of clients to the actual AIM servers.  What do you guys
> use to test Pidgin besides the actual cloud?

check out nullprpl. it's a mock protocol plugin that implements almost all of 
the IM features supported in pidgin and libpurple. it's included in pidgin 
2.0.1 and up.


there are also a number of fairly lightweight jabber servers available; you 
could run one of those locally. i haven't looked, but there might be oscar, 
msn, or yahoo servers available too.



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