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Chris Forsythe chris at
Thu Jul 12 20:40:00 EDT 2007

Sean Egan wrote:

>On 7/12/07, Chris Forsythe <chris at> wrote:
>>Hasn't this been rehashed over and over again? I think everyone who gets
>>it on the list gets it, and anyone who is required to put it in their
>>email for their paycheck can't do much about it except find a new job.
>>What's the point of bringing it up on a public list beyond making
>>yourself look like a jerk?
>"can't do much about it except find a new job"? You can talk to the
>people you work for and explain to them that the disclaimer is stupid
>at best, and breaks your e-mail(*) at worst, and get the policy
>improved. This e-mail disclaimer is really no skin off of my back, but
>it reflects poorly on the state of Vermont.
My point is, if it's corporate policy he's probably not going to be able 
to change it (I tried twice at 2 places, didn't work at those places). 
If he's sending it out and is forced to add that on, what's the point of 
making a big deal on the list about it? Making a big deal out of it, to 
me, seems like it's just petty.

I've said more than I wanted to say on it, so I'll be quiet about it 
from here on.


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