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Richard Laager rlaager at
Sat Jul 14 11:15:06 EDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-07-14 at 03:39 -0400, Evan Schoenberg wrote:
> I've been following the monotone transition since day 1 on the pidgin
> (then-gaim) cabal list, and have been using it since the official
> pidgin transition to monotone.  I have no idea whatsoever how Augie
> and Andy would go about setting up the distributed-but-shared
> versioning you describe.  Can you please recommend some reading
> (preferably more specific than "read the monotone wiki!") for how this
> works conceptually and practically?

Seriously, have you actually read the Monotone documentation? I suspect
not. This is covered in the tutorial, which was one of the first things
I read:

Specifically, you might find these two sections useful:

Basically, everyone commits to their database as normal, and then they
either need to "mtn push" it to someone running "mtn serve" or they need
to run "mtn serve" and the other person can run "mtn pull". The former
requires write permission on the serving side while that latter requires
read permission on the serving side.

Also, this is the section on branching and merging:

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