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Sun Jul 15 20:59:59 EDT 2007

Moritz 'Morty' Strübe spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Kevin M Stange schrieb:
> > I have and will continue to offer to completely redo the site without
> > the CMS if anyone tells me that the resulting pages I create will be
> > accepted to replace what's there.  I'm not going to recode the site if
> > it's not going to be used.  If anyone says to go ahead, I'll get started
> > today and hopefully have something by this evening or tomorrow. ;)
> It doesn't sound very reasonable to me to abandon a CMS once it's set
> up. Shouldn't there just be a few more people with a login so they can
> fix things?

That's because you only have part of the picture.  :-)  We're running
the CMS in some sort of backup mode with its dynamic features turned
off, which (to my understanding) involved turning off some other
features, and prevents us from bringing things like a donation system
(entirely different topic) online, simply because when we run it as it
is intended to be run, the site melts down.  There also seems to be
some problem with putting acknowledgments in the footer of the site,
due to limitations of the CMS (or our understanding of it, I'm not
clear which), which is something we would desperately like to do.  In
short, the CMS is causing problems -- and, as pointed out elsewhere in
this thread, we only have a handful of quite simple pages, to begin

I personally think CMSs are stupid, and would love to have never had
one; that said, I don't care either way whether this one goes away or
is simply fixed.  I am a proponent of whichever solution can happen
more quickly.

We *absolutely* need to get the news page fixed, and get the footer
acknowledgments in.  The various other problems with the site are less
critical, but it is ridiculous that these two remain broken.


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