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Tue Jul 17 16:24:39 EDT 2007

On 7/17/07, Markus Zuercher <zuerchermarkus at> wrote:
> Hi
> I just managed to write a hello-world plugin by using the HowTo on
> I tried to use some libpurple functions but when I compile the plugin
> and try to start Pidgin (Linux), the client does not start (or, not
> the GUI).
> For an example, I wanted to code a little plugin which disconnects my
> MSN account. I pasted the code to pastebin [1].
> Do I use it wrong? I just read the account.h file, and as far as I can
> see, the purple_account_disconnect() function has just one parameter:
> the account.
> What am I doing wrong? :-(

I'm not sure about this, but couldn't you just use the prefs module
already built into purple?  This is what is used everywhere to keep
track of configurations.  I'm not sure on what our practice for
storing plugin prefs, another dev will have to confirm this for you.

> Many Thanks!
> Markus
> [1]
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