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Thu Jul 19 10:25:18 EDT 2007

On 7/19/07, Mauro Sérgio Ferreira Brasil <mauro.brasil at> wrote:
> I run out on problems that should happen with libpurple when used with
> Pidgin (gtk interface), but they just don't happen.
> And I confess that it makes me crazy the thinks I needed to do here to
> avoid some situations when using libpurple with a WTL application of our
> customer.
> One example was the GMutex used on "send_cb" method of "flap_connection.c"
> file from ICQ protocol. This mutex has the simple purpose to assure the ICQ
> primitives will have different sequence numbers.
> Without this change, ICQ protocol hangs up all time, and I took a little
> longer to realize that some primitives were being sent with the same
> sequence number, what leaded to protocolo hang up.
> Race conditions like this were found when we issue a disconnection, while
> a connection process is taking place.
> This causes lots of crashes with ICQ and MSN protocols here.
> And the solution again was insert some mutexes, in order to serialize the
> two conflicting elements: 1- Handling of protocol primitives received, and
> 2- Disconnection procedure.

Unless I'm mistaken, we established that these were synchronization problems
because you were (are?) trying to use libpurple from several threads.

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