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Peter Lawler pidgin-devel at
Fri Jul 20 03:01:37 EDT 2007

oliver wrote:
> The thing is, I totally get your point and agree. The fact of the matter 
> is however, that people are lazy. And i tweak/tinker with a lot of 
> stuff, but some thing should _just_ work.
> So ok, maybe thunderbird is a crappy reader and all, but the flaw in 
> your example is, why would you drive slow on a road, just cause 
> everybody else driving slowly? Well first of all, there's a speed limit. 
> So that each car pretty much chuggs along the same speed. And then, not 
> everybody wants/needs/is a car mechanic with a sleek sportscar, feat. 
> 600 Horses.

Your analogy is so wrong it's almost pointless trying to correct it.

What you should be comparing, is someone driving a sleek sportscar who 
has no idea how to drive, and a professional driver in say F1 or 
whatever the US folks have as their #1 professional driving competition 
driving the same care.

The non-driver should be taken off the road, be instructed, and then 
they should be let back on the road.



PS: Yes, I'm an advocate for licenses, or at least some basic tests, 
before one's allowed online.

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