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oliver oliver at
Fri Jul 20 07:48:37 EDT 2007

Fine, let's drop the metaphore, it's getting stupid anyhow, and this 
shoul be the last thing on the matter anyway, cause we are getting way 
offtopic :p Anyway:

People like/want point and click software/computers. Hell I want that, 
that doesn't mean they/I want windows/outlook/msn
Thunderbird is broken? Fine, the 'sane' thing would be 'compatible' with 
both categories of users until list handling becomes a defacto standard 
with mail-clients.

Of course this is all moot, I do agree with you, as I have been from the 
beginning. And I know there is a mailling list addon for thunderbird, I 
suppose I could always install that :) my point was simply, 99% of the 
population isn't gonna bother, and deff. not gonna start using mutt. 
(Mutt is a fine client).


Evan Schoenberg schreef:
> On Jul 20, 2007, at 7:33 AM, oliver wrote:
>> And I also agree with your argument, the fact still remains, people are 
>> generally stupid, and we can't revoke/pull everybody from the road and 
>> teach everybody to be a F1 driver. In an indeal super world, may be, but 
>> not in our current one. 
> We're traveling a road which is not government controlled; its 
> managers determine the rules.  If, in fact, pulling people from the 
> road is part of an "indeal [sic] super world," we have an /obligation/ 
> to do so even if some other expression of this extended metaphor would 
> not.
> -Evan

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