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Fri Jul 20 13:19:44 EDT 2007

Etan Reisner wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 09:57:02PM -0400, Eric Polino wrote:
>> I have been working on getting the protocols on by default in the
>> Gentoo package.  I'm sending over a link to the thread if any of you
>> are interested in reading it and maybe letting me know something that
>> could be added or corrected.  I think I've done a pretty good job at
>> conveying Pidgin's position, but if you think anything can be added
>> let me know.
>> Cheers,
>> Eric
> You need to point out to them that turning the protocols on by default
> does not magically make pidgin require extra libraries or fail to build
> without them. Turning protocols like zephyr, silc, bonjour, and gadu-gadu
> on simply makes pidgin *check for* the appropriate libraries and *if they
> are found at configure time* build the protocols correctly, if they are
> not found pidgin continues building perfectly normally without them and
> just leaves those protocols off. So if gentoo has the abilty to 'suggest'
> dependencies the extra libraries should be suggested, if however gentoo
> does not support suggestions then forcing the extra libraries is not the
> right answer and it can be left up to people to correctly install the
> dependencies needed for the 'special' protocols.
-- the problem with this is that gentoo users expect that when a feature
is turned on via a USE var
when building a package that any dependencies will automatically get
built prior.  So, as you say
enabling those protocols for the build only checks, but that's not what
gentoo users expect from an
ebuild.  when I emerge -vp package  It shows the enabled USE vars for
the package and always resolves
to build dependencies prior to building the package.    It would be a
'bug' for an ebuild package to show the
enabled protocols and not build the dependencies prior and have them

> 	-Etan
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