Persistent chat rooms

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Jul 23 17:40:05 EDT 2007

Peter Lawler spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Sean Egan wrote:
> > This is an idea that has been requested a bunch in one form or another
> > for a while now. I described it in #pidgin yesterday and want to
> > formalize it here and see what people think.
> <snip>
> You may want to catch up with Marv on this, but I'm suspecting this will 
> need very careful coding with regards to Yahoo Chat Rooms and boot 
> attacks. Any Yahoo room one stores in Pidgin would become a DoS vector 
> for which there is very little recovery (in fact, with an 'always on' 
> chatroom and a fully fledged boot attack there'd be no recovery).

I don't follow this at all ... set your state to 'offline', show
offline buddies, right-click, and turn off 'always on'.

It's awesome that Yahoo! is so crappy that this even has to come up,
by the way.


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