Typing icon

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 14:56:46 EDT 2007

On 7/24/07, Etan Reisner <pidgin at unreliablesource.net> wrote:
> I wasn't suggesting that using a new icon was a problem, I really don't
> much care, I'm just not sure it is worth much debate. I think people with
> dark GTK+ themes are going to, by some amount of necessity, need to tweak
> their gtkrc settings because I am sure not every application is sane about
> that sort of thing, we likely still aren't everywhere though we have been
> trying rather hard to be.

I've been using a dark theme for about a week now; this is the only
problem I've hit, other than that some people who IM specify a dark
foreground color without specifying any background color, making their
text unreadable to me. There's no way to get around that without
modifying people's incoming messages.

> I also don't think it is much overkill because it will provide a concrete
> example of how to change a GTK+ stock icon (which is something there
> really aren't any good examples of that I have ever seen) and it isn't
> like it costs us much.

It costs us even less to just have a good icon. I'm sure it's possible
to make the current icon not look blurry on dark backgrounds. Hylke
just wanted to change it altogether because he's gotten other
complaints that the icon is unsuitable or unrecognizable.

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