Can I join in the Pidgin development project?

Mark Doliner thekingant at
Thu Jul 26 02:53:24 EDT 2007

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007 22:56:58 -0400, Xifeng Fang wrote
> Hi
> I am pretty interested in Pidgin project.
> Can I join in and contribute to this project?
> thanks a lot
> Xifeng

Absolutely!  There are no formal requirements to join in and contribute.  We
barely even have a formal group of developers.  Some of us have more influence
on the project than others of us, but we're just a bunch of people who help
out where we can.

Depending on your skill set there are various tasks you can do.  Arguably the
most beneficial thing for you to do is to look through the bugs at , find one that interests you and write a
patch to fix it.  If you're not a programmer then you probably won't be able
to write a patch, but you can still comments on bugs.  It's also useful to
have people try to reproduce things.  Sometimes you'll have to ask for
additional information from the bug reporter in order to do this.

When contributing to Pidgin it is generally a good idea to be subscribed to
this mailing list.  You may also find it beneficial to idle in the #pidgin
chat room on and the Jabber/XMPP chat room
devel at (this one tends to have more discussion by the core
developers, and less noise).

We appreciate your interest in the project!


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